Thursday, December 25, 2008


Today i am allowed by TV-4 to publish the name of Jonathans dancepartner in Let`s Dance!

Here name is BLONDINBELLA!

Best whishes to the both of you!
Read more about it under the title "weddingdance!"

Monday, December 15, 2008


On a beautiful winterday dec 13th, i had great fun shooting weddingphotos of Henrik & Camilla at Djursholms castle. The gorgeous little mohikan-boy was the brides nephew.
Wedding ceremony was held at the church of Östra Ryd.
Camillas flowers where really special, and i love her blond hair with pearls in it.

I wish you all a very merry christmas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weddingfair at glamorous Grand Hotel 2009!

Book me at the Weddingfair!

On the 30th january and the 1st february, the fabulous Grand Hotel in Stockholm goes more glamorous than ever. You find me in Stromsalongerna, above the mirrored hall.

Welcome to visit me to discuss your wedding!


Wedding dance!

Most people consider their wedding day to be the most important day of their lives. "Your First Dance" is not just a dance, it is a visual expression of the love that both of you feel, your deepest emotion, the celebration of your love, and some may say, the joining of two souls.

Kicki Fotograf interviews Jonathan Näslund & Oksana Spichak, the several times Swedish Dance Champions!
“Everyone can learn how to dance ” say Jonathan & Oksana. Depending on your personality, they can recommend different types of dances.
Couples who do not feel confident on the dance floor might be interested in trying private dance lessons with Jonathan and Oksana, they both have lots of experience in teaching. A good example of that is to see how Jonathan taught his partner in the popular TV - show Let’s Dance.
In 2007 it was young actress Ebba Hultqvist. In 2009 it will be Blondinbella!

Everyone can be a great dancer in no time!
All the celebrities that come to the show have basically never danced before. After a little while you can see great performance and you can’t believe that all this happens in a very short time.

Why do not wedding couples do the same?
“We help them with choreography, simple or advanced, and we help them to choose the right music. In the movement they show their love to each other. This first dance means that they start their life together, hand in hand, side by side. The dance means that they face all problems in their life with love!” says Jonathan.
”The first dance is an important part of wedding receptions. This is something your guests will look forward to and probably keep talking about long after your wedding day. So, make them remember your wedding dance with admiration!” says Oksana.

One couple that hired J&O had been to Argentina and they wanted to dance Argentine Tango, they wanted to start the wedding party in that special mood.
Sometimes wedding couples hire J&O to stay and teach the guests some dance steps after the wedding dance.
If there is a small wedding with only the family they use to do a lesson for about 40 min and everyone can really learn a little, and enjoy the evening.
Or if there are many guests, the wedding couple can start the dance with a romantic waltz, holding each other tight, and suddenly J&O comes and dance their show dance and the party begins!!!

J&O tell me that wedding jobs are the most fun jobs that they do. It gives them a lot of energy!
But they also do company events, private and group lessons, shows in the ten different dance-styles that you can see in Let’s Dance.

How does it work when a couple want to hire them?
“Well, sometimes the couple have a song of their own, and say: teach us a special dance to our song!”
”A very popular song right now is ” I had the time of my life” from the film “ Dirty dancing”. Sometimes they say: we saw this on youtube…”
You do not have to go to the studio, J&O can also come to you. In that way you will always feel private. Or you can come to their private studio where you will be on the dancing floor, learning the steps and feel the dance, how it will be on the wedding. They also do coaching: you can call or e-mail them anytime. Sometimes a bride or a groom is nervous, they call and ask ”how was it with the start again? Was it on 1 or 5?”
Depending on how you feel as a person J&O can always help you with different styles. A shy couple maybe want to be close to one another and just enjoy each other. Another couple may feel romantic in another way and prefer something different.

Some want to do a show for the guests, some want to hold each other tight and still be in the middle of the dance floor. Some couples want to have a mix: waltz-salsa-jive-tango.
J&O can mix the music to have a surprise feeling.

Ask the photographer to stay for the first dance and you will get gorgeous memories!

words&photo: kickifotograf